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The downloadable resources to aid teachers on this site are now available without registration.

The resources have never been a "secret" and will not be very exciting to people without a genuine interest in the topics covered by this web site. The downloads were protected by the need to register because we had hoped to make contact with interested teachers across the UK, and the wider world, and to learn how extensively our resources were being used in schools.

Unfortunately, as we've been inundated with fake registrations that have made this impossible, we were concerned that the registration process had become a barrier to genuine users.

So all teaching resources on this web site are now available to everyone who would like to use them. We hope you and the children you teach will enjoy this material provided free of charge by HUGS.

We would welcome your feedback if you use it but this is not essential.      

This link will take you directly to the Learning from Uganda downloadable teaching resources.

Asobora the Monkey is your Guide to Uganda

Asobora the Monkey

The Projects

Africa / Uganda




Plants and Food

Caring and Sharing

Environmental / Ecological

How We Live

Health Matters

The School Day

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If you look at the background of this web site you will see drawings of Asobora the Monkey, Busobozi the crocodile and Magezi the elephant. These drawings where done by the children at St. Zoe's school in Uganda.