Learning from Uganda

A resource for UK primary schools and early learning.

Helping Uganda Schools - HUGS - is an overhead free charity where all the money donated goes straight to our schools in Uganda. We do not employ anyone and we pay for all our visits to Uganda ourselves. In many ways this makes HUGS a unique charity.

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We hope you have enjoyed this web site and it has introduced you to our schools and friends in Uganda.

You may be inspired to do something positive to help the children of Uganda.

Here are some ideas and suggestions -

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This has been an interesting and enjoyable project working with our schools in Uganda to obtain information, photographs and videos for this website. It has also had its share of frustrations and difficulties because working with a developing country we have had to work in imaginative and ingenious ways to get information back and forth. It is a credit to both sides that the project is now complete.

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If you look at the background of this web site you will see drawings of Asobora the Monkey, Busobozi the crocodile and Magezi the elephant. These drawings where done by the children at St. Zoe's school in Uganda.