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Asobora the Monkey Stories

AsoboraThere are seven Asobora Stories available on the pages below for everyone to read and enjoy.

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BuzobosiIn the tall, green and wild rainforests of Africa, deep in the heart of the trees lived a little monkey named Asobora. The rainforest was Asobora’s home, where he lived with his Mummy and Daddy, and his brother and sister. Asobora was a very cheeky little monkey, who wanted to see the whole world. Asobora dreamed of climbing mountains, and swimming in the wide open seas, but he was far too young for that.

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MagesiIt was new day in the Rainforest where Asobora the monkey lived. ‘Another day, another adventure’ he said to himself as he leaped off the branch he used for a bed, in the tall, wondrous tree he and his family called home.

‘Go into Uganda, Asobora, and bring us something nice home to eat, something we cannot get here in the forest.’ Asked Asobora’s Mummy. Asobora loved to wander, and since he had found his way out of the forest, he had been desperate to go back to the new place he had discovered.

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AsoboraOne morning, Asobora the monkey was woken by the brightly beaming sunlight travelling through the breaks in the forests leaves. It was the start of summer, and Asobora wanted to play with his friends. He jumped up out of his branch, and clambered down the tree where his family lived.

‘Can I go and play with Buzobosi and Magesi Daddy? Please!’ Shouted Asobora to his Daddy. He nodded, and off Asobora ran, dodging the tall trees as he went.

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BuzobosiWalking across the long, green stretches of the fields in Uganda, Asobora and Buzobosi were on another adventure today. They planned to go to the bustling markets of Uganda to pick up some food for dinner, and then find a quiet lake to swim in, to keep themselves out of mischief, just for one day.

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MagesiIt was a very sunny day in Uganda today, and the three friends, Asobora the monkey, Buzobosi the crocodile and Magesi the elephant were swimming in Lake Kwania.

‘Splash, splash, splash!’ Asobora shouted, excitedly, and he slammed his hands onto the surface of the water, making it leap up and into Magesi’s face. Around and around he ran in the lake, splashing the water, giggling to himself.

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AsoboraIt was midday in Uganda, and Asobora the monkey was playing in the forest where he lived with his friends, Magesi, an elephant, and Buzobosi the crocodile. The three friends were playing hide and seek. Asobora was very good at this game, as he was very little, and the colour of his hair blended in with the colour of the many trees that stood tall all around him. Buzobosi was also good at hiding, as the grass on the floor covered him so the others could not spot him.

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Buzobosi‘Tweet tweet, tweet tweet!’ Asobora heard, as he woke up on his tree branch, up on one of the tallest trees in the forest. He looked and saw a bird, a small bird, with small feathered wings of orange and red. The bird looked around, ducked it’s head and clasped a worm in it’s beak. It then spread its wings and took flight, right up out over the trees, keeping the worm firmly in place.

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If you look at the background of this web site you will see drawings of Asobora the Monkey, Busobozi the crocodile and Magezi the elephant. These drawings where done by the children at St. Zoe's school in Uganda.