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Uganda Schools Projects

AsoboraIntroductions to ten Uganda School Projects are available on the pages below for everyone to read and enjoy.

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At the Equator in UgandaThe aim of this project is to introduce the children of the UK to the landscape of another country and to appreciate similarities and differences.

Uganda is a beautiful, green and fertile country and is known as the PEARL OF AFRICA.

Uganda lies on the eastern side of the Continent of Africa. It is bordered by the countries of Kenya to the East, Sudan to the North, Tanzania to the South, Rwanda to the South west and the Democratic Republic of Congo to the West.

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Sport in UgandaThe aim of this project is to inform the children in the UK about the sporting activities the children in Uganda take part in. Also it is to appreciate the impact the charity is having on introducing sports into the schools we support.

Sport is universal, beneficial and educational. It brings people together and bridges cultures. It provides opportunities for people to enjoy themselves and to express them selves. It allows team building and improves communication skills.

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TechnologyThe aim of this project is to enable the children in the UK to understand the impact of new technologies on a developing country and to compare and contrast the access to resources.

The role of technology cannot be over estimated in transforming the lives of people in developing countries. Communication enables ideas, information, skills and knowledge to be shared.

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CultureThe aim of this project is to introduce the children in the UK to the culture and traditions of an African country Uganda. The culture of Uganda is colourful, interesting and diverse. It is based on the traditions of the country, which go back centuries and are bound up with religion and rituals. The traditions are handed down from generation to generation and each dance or song is imbued with meaning. Culture is important as it gives identity to a nation. It helps people to be true to their roots.

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Food in UgandaThe aim of this project is to introduce the children in the UK to the different foods that are produced and eaten in Uganda. Also, to introduce the children in the UK to the diversity of crops grown and for the children in the UK to learn about similarities and differences in culture.

In this project we are looking at the schools we have built and the part played by the children in producing their own food, growing crops, farming fish and animal husbandry.

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Caring and SharingThe aim of this project is to enable the children in the UK to learn about a developing country and to use Uganda to explore these issues, to enable them to appreciate the similarities and differences of living in a different country and culture and to develop a sense of global responsibility and respect for other people and the environment.

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Environmental / EcologicalThe aim of this project is to enable children in the UK to learn about how the schools we work with in Uganda use natural resources to provide sustainable energy to preserve the environment. To take this learning forward into their lives as children in the UK.

The norm in Uganda is for the schools to have no electricity, running clean water, or sanitation. For example - no flushing toilets. Also, cooking is done in the open by the fire, fuelled by wood. This collecting of wood will inevitably have an adverse affect on the rain-forests of Africa.

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How we liveThe aim of this project is to give children in the UK insight and knowledge into how families in Uganda live and to look at similarity and difference between the two cultures.

The parents, teachers and pupils in Uganda have provided the following information -

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Health MattersThe aim of this project is to look at some of the health issues in Uganda.

UGANDA is a beautiful, green and fertile country. However, it is a developing country and this presents many challenges to the health of the population. Uganda lies alongside the equator and tropical infections such as Malaria are common.

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The School DayThe aim of this project is to introduce to the children of the UK the pattern of the school day for the children of Uganda. Much has been written by our friends in Uganda. Usually the school day begins in the morning at 6am; this is when the children wake.

They are woken up by their matron; there is one matron for the Primary boys and one for the Primary girls.

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If you look at the background of this web site you will see drawings of Asobora the Monkey, Busobozi the crocodile and Magezi the elephant. These drawings where done by the children at St. Zoe's school in Uganda.