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A visual and stimulating resource full of information, pictures, videos and activities for the use of primary school teachers and early learning years practitioners in the United Kingdom. Use this authentic resource developed with our partner schools in Uganda - linking the lives of children from different continents as an aid to your lessons.

gofundmeFree to use but donations welcome as children in Uganda are going hungry because of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

This website is dedicated to all children wherever they live.

This resource has been produced by the Charity Helping Uganda Schools (HUGS). It has been a collaborative approach with our Colleagues in Uganda working in partnership with Stockport College in Greater Manchester, England. This website has been privately funded and has not taken any funds from the charity.

 "We went into local schools in the UK to share stories, pictures, videos and ideas with the children. We told them about life in Africa / Uganda. The children were so interested that we thought how can we tell more children? We then had the idea of building a website using the materials we had. We hope it delights you also!"

The Website has been developed to share experiences, learning, knowledge and understanding gained from our schools in Uganda with children in the United Kingdom. There will be 10 small projects which we hope will link into the National Curriculum. It is intended for use with Early Years Foundation Stage and for Key Stage 1.

The projects include:

  • Africa / Uganda,
  • Sport
  • Technology
  • Culture
  • Plants and Food
  • Caring and Sharing
  • Ecology
  • How we Live
  • Health
  • The School Day

The resource is presented with core material that includes:

Notes for the Teacher

This is intended to help the teacher to quickly grasp the main theme of the topic area. The teacher may then wish to develop this theme as appropriate. Pictures and short video clips are intended to bring life and energy into the lesson and will engage the children in an exciting and interesting way. This resource is teacher led and not intended for children to use on their own computer. A White Board would be useful to project the pictures and videos to the whole class.

The early years foundation children will learn through the story of a lost monkey called Asobora. This little monkey was the idea of the children at the Good Shepherd School in Uganda who love Asobora and his friends. Asobora’s adventures throughout each of the projects are told in a humorous and child friendly way. The teacher in the UK may like to read the story and show the videos and pictures to the children to complement the other classroom based activities.

The Key Stage 1 aspect will have the same core material, as the Early Years Foundation Stage but each topic area will be linked by activities and suggestions for the teacher in the UK to use with the children in class. The children will be stimulated by using real stories and pictures, which will give some insight, and understanding of how the children in Uganda, live, learn and play.

The Charity has 16 years experience of working with schools in Uganda and seeing the impact of good education on children's lives. Some of the children who started at the school at primary level have now reached the age where they have gone on to University. It has been an inspiring journey to be part of this process, which provides opportunities to children and young people who deserve the very best.

In summary, this project will:

Add value to the lessons of early years foundation and primary school teachers in the UK. Enable the children in the UK to enjoy stimulating lessons. Establish a clear link between the lives of children in the UK and those in Uganda and introduce children to the value of diversity.

We hope you enjoy this resource and that you can use it to enhance your lessons. If you enjoy it and can afford to, please make a donation to HUGS: helpingugandaschools.org/
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The downloadable resources to aid teachers on this site are now available without registration.

The resources have never been a "secret" and will not be very exciting to people without a genuine interest in the topics covered by this web site. The downloads were protected by the need to register because we had hoped to make contact with interested teachers across the UK, and the wider world, and to learn how extensively our resources were being used in schools.

Unfortunately, as we've been inundated with fake registrations that have made this impossible, we were concerned that the registration process had become a barrier to genuine users.

So all teaching resources on this web site are now available to everyone who would like to use them. We hope you and the children you teach will enjoy this material provided free of charge by HUGS.

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