Here are some videos of Africa and Uganda that are over-dubbed with music by International musicians. The music is merged so that the original soundtrack can be heard over the music when it plays, so at times you will also hear voices and singing too.

The videos have adverts added by YouTube in exchange for being allowed to include this commercial music free of charge. These adverts can be minimised by clicking the cross in the top right-hand corner. We feel that the music enhances the video more than the adverts detract and hope you will agree.

Animals of Africa and Uganda

This video is accompanied by the track "Africa" by Habib Koité, a solo singer, songwriter and guitarist, based in Mali. His band, Bamada, is a super-group of West African musicians, including Kélétigui Diabaté playing balafon.

Life in Uganda

This video is accompanied by the track "You Said" by Ugandan artist Omega Bugembe Okello from her album "Kirwomera Emeeme"
(It is sweet to the soul); written by Omega and Paul Avgerinos.

Uganda / Rwanda

This video, which is actually a series of still photographs, is accompanied by the track "Yaye - Mourning" also by Omega Bugembe Okello
and Paul Avgerinos from the album "Kirwomera Emeeme".


Thank you to Arthur Procter and Mark Whittaker for their work on these videos.