This has been an interesting and enjoyable project working with our schools in Uganda to obtain information, photographs and videos for this website. It has also had its share of frustrations and difficulties because working with a developing country we have had to work in imaginative and ingenious ways to get information back and forth. It is a credit to both sides that the project is now complete.

Children of UgandaAlthough there is much information on the web about Africa we felt we had something unique to share from our teachers and pupils in Uganda with our teachers and pupils in the UK. Our hope is that this project will enable the children in the UK to have a connection with the children in Uganda.

We would like to thank the people who have helped with the project and given encouragement.

Special thanks goes to our partners in Uganda and all who contributed to the pictures, videos and information.

Special thanks also to the students of Stockport College who helped to build the first stage of this web site: Curtis Bromiley, Ben Davidson, Sarah Thompson, Matthew Beswick, Ashley Hyman and Ryan Howarth.
All the student are studying for a degree on the Enterprise Computing Foundation Degree Programme at Stockport College, Greater Manchester, England. A special mention to their tutor Tommy Kielty for all his help and support too.

Thank you to Alex Tracey for writing the Asobora stories. Alex is studying English Language B.A. (Hons) at the University of Manchester.

This web site was completed by Mark Whittaker who runs The Marple Website. Mark is very active in the local community of Marple in Stockport and has given his expertise and time to this project. Thanks also to Arthur M Procter LMPA, one of Marple's most prolific professional photographers, who edited the video clips used on this site.

(Other people who have contributed include : David Lloyde, Pamela Davenport, Juliet Aber, Rebecca Nixon, Andrew Ssempiija, Grace Nannygodo, Dr Speraza Namusisi, Theresa Abigaba, Kim Payce-Drury,  John Kyazze,  Pat Fineman and  Peter Mount. CBE.)

Thank you to all above and all of those not mentioned, but you know who you are.