We hope you have enjoyed this web site and it has introduced you to our schools and friends in Uganda.

You may be inspired to do something positive to help the children of Uganda.

Here are some ideas and suggestions -

Children of Uganda1. HUGS are currently involved in a project to provide insecticide treated Mosquito nets for all our children and the wider community - each net cost £3.00.

2. We would like to provide a library for our children at St Zoe's school. Each book cost approximately £6.00.

3. We would like to provide a playground - purpose built for our children to have a safe place to play and explore.

4. We would like to buy four cows. Two for St. Zoe's and two for the Good Shepherd school. The milk from the cows will provide a good source of protein for the children.

5. We have an Outreach Programme at the Good Shepherd School - a bus goes out into the remote villages to bring the children who have special needs to the school for lessons. HUGS would like to provide teaching material for the children and support the families of these children.

6. We need to buy pens and pencils, paper and teaching material for the children of St. Zoe's school. The cost of educating one child for one week is £5.00

(Running two schools in Uganda is always a constant challenge but the rewards are enormous).

You will have many ideas about fund raising -

Coffee mornings, an African/Ugandan school day, special assemblies 'etc'. Whatever you do enjoy them!

If you have enjoyed the Asobora Stories you may like to buy the book 'Christmas in Uganda' which tells the story of Asobora and his friends finding out about Christmas and lighting up Uganda. This has been a collaborative project between the charity and Stockport College.

The book is available to buy on Kindle and Ipad and all the proceeds go to support our schools and projects.

You may like to start your own charity and link into a different school in Uganda or Africa.

The main aim of this project is to raise awareness and give opportunities to all those lovely children in Africa. Whatever you do enjoy doing it and thank you.

Keep in touch with the work of the charity by the HUGS blog www.helpingugandaschools.org